Want to Self-Publish
Your Non-Fiction Book?

You'll need a plan for that - or you might not get there

Finally self-publish your nonfiction book without the overwhelm, unnecessary expense and endless research

I Want To Publish My Book!

Many self-publishers, are DIY types who love to dive into special projects and do as much as they can themselves.

Yet too many run into the same challenges that keep them from publishing their books


Too many books and education websites try to do too much and overwhelm would-be publishers with information that doesn't apply to them.  How do you determine which path is right for you? 

  • Writing and publishing a book isn't really hard or particularly complicated, but there are many steps to creating a book that measures up to the benchmark standards of traditional publishers. To reach that goal, you need to make a plan. 


There is more than one way to publish a book...whether e-book, color or black-and-white, offset lithogoraphy, or print-on-demand

These are just a few of the MANY options you'll have along the way.

How to choose?

  • There are many different ways to get your work out there, while still keeping within your budget. With a step-by-step action plan, you are empowered to make the best choices for your individual project. Time to respect book publishing for what it is — A PROJECT — with a beginning a middle and an end.


Self-publishing a book is not something you have to do alone. 

(Whew! What a relief!)

  • Publishing is ultimately a collaborative endeavor where you can — and should — rely on experts to perform some of the tasks. I can show you when and how to find the right professionals to help you complete your project — on budget and on time.

You wouldn't try to build a house without a blueprint...

Why would you try to publish a book without a detailed plan?

Let me guide you...to create your own custom book plan, accelerate your first draft with one-to-one coaching and help you manage your project to completion

I Want To Publish My Book!


Supported Self-Publishing
for Authors of Non-Fiction

Gain TRACTION for your book with a Custom Plan for YOUR topic, YOUR readers, YOUR market

- A Program that takes you from idea
to published book!

The Complete Project Implementation Plan for Confidently Publishing Your High-Quality Book

I've taken everything that I've learned from my decades-long career in the printing and publishing business and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you how self-publishing works, but coaches you to create a tangible asset for your business: a successfully manufactured, high-quality book.

Self-Publisher's Book Plan isn't just a Training Program

It's an Implementation Program.

Yes, you'll learn the strategies behind everything that you do, but more importantly, you'll have a step-by-step action plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it. 

The end result: A long-term ASSET for your business that makes it more visible and works for you 24-7, elevating all your products and services.

When you complete the Supported Self-Publishing Program
you will have your own high-quality book and your new identity as author
can move you to a whole new level...

...one where you embody your new role with complete confidence!

Supported Self-Publishing for Authors of Non-Fiction

Custom Book Plan with Coaching Support

Custom Book Plan

  • Pre-work: 33 question assessment- background and skills set to inform our session together
  • 2 hours 1:1 coaching to create your Custom Book Plan, which includes Resource Pages and Web Links specific to self-publishing to help implement your plan, and a complete glossary of print and publishing terms.
  • 1-hour follow-up Zoom consult to clarify any action steps or resources included in your Custom Book Plan

Coaching and Support

  • 1:1 Coaching your first draft – 30 min (6 sessions over 3 months)
  • Respond to email questions
  • Personal referrals to vetted editor(s)
  • Personal referrals to vetted designer(s)
  • Guidance and recommendations to print-on-demand vendors


3 monthly payments of $833

Your first step is to book a Discovery Call with me
because I only take on projects where I believe I can add value.

I Want To Publish My Book!

“Working with Lindsay is like having a best friend who knows the ins and outs of publishing at your side. Lindsay’s action steps were so helpful—full of practical, actionable steps laid out in sequence, so you feel confident moving forward. She has distilled all the pertinent information that would take forever to research on the Internet.”

Jeanne A. JacksonColumnist, self-publisher, Author of Mendonoma Sightings Throughout the Year 

Discover how publishing your book can bring you into a deeply satisfying dialogue with a growing community of readers - while also raising your profile, granting you authority status, and attracting new opportunities.

Once your book is made public, you’ll gain even more confidence and inspiration from readers whose lives are changed by your book.

  • The creative challenges you face and overcome as an author will stretch you and help you grow as a person. 
  • You discover how the publishing process can bring you into a deeply satisfying dialogue with a growing community of readers. 
  • Presenting your work brings new ideas, new collaborators, and expands your world. 
  • When you launch your book, you may be surprised that friends and colleagues treat you a little differently. You hold your head up a little higher.
  • Releasing your book to the public is just the beginning of your new identity as author.
I Want To Publish My Book!

The creative process is alive in all of us

Bringing it out in others is my specialty

Hi, I'm Lindsay...I'm glad you're here.

I’m a Book Coach who helps self-publishers plan, prepare, publish, and promote nonfiction books. 

My career in print and publishing gives me a complete understanding of how to build a high-quality book from manuscript development to design to print to marketing — and the practical, hands-on experience to educate, guide, and coach others who are new to it. 

I want my clients to feel that they have someone who understands what they are going through, someone to give them sound advice, and someone to support them when they need it most. You are not alone…

One-to-one coaching accelerates the process of completing your book by summarizing best practices and SOP’s in the publishing space so you can work without the delay of endless research or having to pore over information that does not apply to your venture. With a step-by-step Book Plan, you are empowered to make the best choices for your individual project. There’s no second-guessing, no blind alleys, no wasting time or money.

As a coach, my added value is in working one-on-one with each writer to make a solid Book Plan. The Plan keeps you on target according to your goals and objectives. The Plan keeps you moving forward with confidence. My on-going coaching program assures that you have help when you need it — and you get my personal recommendations to leverage the most bang for your buck.

I encourage you to invest in the most important elements to publish your book: hire editors for your manuscript and designers for your text pages and cover. 

Think of your costs as investments in yourself. For example, building a website will support you and your business over time. Your book will create value and add to your reputation and career over its lifetime, too…so you want to get it right. 

Supported Self-Publishing for Authors of Non-Fiction is Right for You if...

  • You have confidence in your writing ability. You have been incubating your book concept for a while and may have started an outline or draft.
  • You know that writing and publishing your book is your next big move, one that will create more impact and income for your business, but you don't know where to start.
  • You truly feel that your book concept is unique, that you are the best person to write it, and it will add something new to the genre.
  • You have a passion to effect change in your readers, to inspire them to take action, or to share something awesome.
  • You're ready to zero-in, focus, and take time each week to move your project forward, knowing that once you have your published book in your hands, that will be the tipping point that will allow you to impact more people and attract new opportunities.
  • You're excited to have FIVE FULL HOURS of personalized coaching, knowing that it will save time, money, and overwhelm, and move you closer to your goal of published author.
  • You feel confident and ready to access the program knowing that your high-quality book, published to the standards of traditional publishers, is guaranteed.
  • You welcome the idea of engaging with a community of like-minded new authors. 

"When I was referred to Lindsay, I was starting to get discouraged about finding someone to assist with what I needed to finish my book. My call with her was exactly what I needed. Lindsay quickly grasped the essence of my project and what I would need to be successful. She provided concrete suggestions, shared personal experiences in her writing and offered encouragement on the phone. Lindsay made a referral to a developmental editor who was the perfect fit for my project. I rarely find meetings and consultations are worth the time spent in them; however this was truly an exception. I walked away from the hour long conversation I had with Lindsay with a renewed sense of direction, more confidence, and great ideas. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Lindsay again."

Lisa S., Client Appreciation

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I publish my book for free on Amazon?

Sure, but self-publishing is much more than uploading files to Amazon. While the barriers to self-publishing are relatively low, the barriers toward effective execution are fairly high. A successful outcome depends on respecting the work and developing your manuscript and book design with the help of professionals to reach the benchmarks of commercial publishing houses.

Will I have to watch hours of video and sift through pdfs to find the information I need to publish my book?

Thankfully, no! Because each book is different and each author brings varying skills to the table, one-to-one coaching effectively accelerates the process of completing your book. A two-hour Coaching Intensive zooms over best practices and SOP's in the publishing space so you can work without the delay of unnecessary research or having to pore over information that does not apply to your project.

What if I need extra help or get stuck?

One of the benefits of joining this offer is especially for those moments when you'd like to have a sounding board for your questions. My coaching and support program covers you when you need the information now. I’m available to my clients via phone, text, email, and zoom.

If you offer high-level coaching, why don't you guarantee that my book will be a bestseller?

Not even the CEO of Random House can predict which books will sell well or win awards. If you have questions about your book idea, CONTACT ME for a discovery call. I will not let you publish a book that is not up to your potential or to professional publishing standards.

How much will it cost to publish my book?

The most common answer: It Depends. There are some expenses that I strongly recommend self-publishers take on, but others are optional, depending on how much time you have, how much you can afford, and your willingness to learn new things.

Self-publishing a book isn’t necessarily complicated or expensive — but you’ve got to plan ahead.

New authors invest in my
Supported Self-Publishing Program 
because they get one-to-one coaching from a seasoned publishing professional, which gives them the confidence and energy to complete a book that they can be proud of for years to come.

Your first step is to book a
discovery call with me.

I only take on projects where I believe I can add value.
I Want To Publish My Book!

"Lindsay is an invaluable resource to any self-publisher. Whether you are in the beginning stages first formulating a book idea, or if you are ready to begin printing and marketing your book, Lindsay is someone you want on your team. She provides valuable feedback and strategy in her individualized self-publishing plans. She is thorough, thoughtful, truly cares, and goes above and beyond for every writer she supports. I could not be more happy that I hired Lindsay to guide me in my self-publishing journey!"

Kelly Surette - Adaptive music teacher, performer, Author of Creative Miracles: 
A Practitioner's Guide to Adaptive Music Instruction