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My Promise To You

To guide business professionals, entrepreneurs, and educators in publishing their own nonfiction books using a customizable program as detailed in the Self-Publisher’s Book Plan (SPBP).

 What Specific Problems Am I Solving as Your Coach?

  • Too much Information

SPBP simplifies the book publishing process, especially for professionals and business owners who are new to it. Too many how-to books on publishing and too many websites try to do too much and overwhelm would-be publishers with information that does not apply to them. How do you determine which path is right for you?

As your book coach, I help you determine the right publishing options for your specific book, including its genre and market position.

  • Publishing a book is too expensive

Luckily, there are many ways to publish a book. I can explain your options so you make the best choices for your individual project. There are different ways to get your work out there while still keeping within your budget.   

  • Where do I get help?  

Self-publishing a book is not something you have to do alone. Publishing is ultimately a collaborative endeavor where you can—and should—rely on experts to perform some of the tasks. I will show you when and how to find the right professionals to help you complete your project.

  • I’ve never done this before

When you follow the customized plan we create together, there are no surprises to derail your project. I can guide you in how to publish your book using your own customized Action Plans at your own pace and in a way that reflects your own personal style.

 All the steps—from completing your manuscript to published book—are laid out in the order in which they should be executed.

 What Are The Benefits I Am Offering My Clients?

  • You Save Money: When you create a Book Plan in advance, you avoid costly mistakes by working with proven methods and real cost estimates to publish the best book possible, within your budget.
  • You Save Time: I have saved you hours of research and vetting services by compiling all the resources you’ll need in one place.
  • You Feel Confident in All Your Actions: There’s no second-guessing, no confusion when you take action. When you create a complete plan in advance, you have total control and confidence in your direction. SPBP includes four Comprehensive Stages that lead you from rough draft to your completed,published book.


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Let's see how I can help with your book project.

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Following are general descriptions for each stage of your book project:


Find Your “Why” and Complete your Manuscript

Get charged up with purpose, assess your skills, choose book models, research the competition and complete your manuscript with the help of professional editors.

Locate and interview developmental editors and copy editors that are most compatible with your project. Begin to map out a blueprint for your sales and marketing platform.


Production Planning

Consider what book products you want to produce: e-book, printed book, and/or audio book according to your market. Locate page designers to get price quotes. Find cover artists to interview and find price ranges. Make a wish list for book cover endorsements. Consider and test book titles and think about subject headings for your book category.



You will prepare a production budget including editing, design, print and e-book and/or audiobook conversion. Learn where and how to gather info, bids, and quotes from editors, designers, POD companies and e-book conversion companies to prepare a total budget for your project and select your printer.


Successful Marketing

Start/continue to work on marketing activities that will give you immediate results, and then continue to add items from the Action Plan as your book goes into production so you’ll be prepared for your Book Launch.


What Results Am I Promising?

 A tangible asset for your current business

Publishing a book makes your business more visible and works for you 24-7, elevating all your products and services. Publishing a book is a solid part of your business plan that can be used to leverage all your other business activities.

 Here’s what having a book can do for your business:


Having a published book raises your profile among your competitors because you are instantly seen as the expert in your field.


With a published book, consulting gigs, speaking engagements and other unexpected opportunities arrive that add to your reputation and authority.


When consulting, speaking or teaching, you discover new markets that lead to new clients and customers and add new revenue streams to your business.


How long will it take my clients to reach the goal of publishing their book?

 A Lifestyle Assessment (included upfront to define your project) is specifically geared to help you clarify your skills set, lifestyle choices, income requirements, and other obligations to determine when and how fast you can get your working manuscript to publication.

 The time you take to polish your manuscript and to work with editors and designers will vary, depending on your project. I will be the first to tell you: “Don’t rush!” Remember, your book will represent you and your business in the many years to come. Take the time you need to do it right.


Clarifying Coaching

 At its core, coaching is a relationship designed to help you meet your goals. I am here to support, educate, guide, and empower you so that you can achieve your goals on your terms. 

I look at the overall scope of your book project and help you move forward by asking powerful questions that provide focus, direction, and motivation.                

I encourage you and act as a sounding board to help you overcome any challenges that may come up over the course of the program.

 I also want you to get the most out of your coaching sessions, so please understand if I need to interrupt or redirect our sessions to keep on track and on time.


The biggest advantage of working with me as your coach is creating a detailed plan — in advance — that will keep your project on track.


Throughout our sessions we will discuss various tasks and action plans to complete. These will be plans we create together that are aligned with your goals and that help you make progress throughout all four stages. You can accept the assignment as planned, or we can make adjustments as we progress. We will talk through each phase as it arises.

 As a coach I know that trust has to be earned. And as our sessions progress, I hope to earn your trust and will greatly value your feedback at each step of the process. Everything that we discuss is held in confidence.


Click here to book a 30-minute Discovery Call.                                          

Let's see how I can help with your book project.

I offer affordable Coaching Intensives focused on your issues.                                                                     



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