Your Custom Book Plan

Create your Book Plan with Lindsay, then implement your plan using the customized action steps and resources provided.

Custom Book Plan


  • A Lifestyle Assessment filled out by each client upfront is specifically geared to help you clarify your skills set, lifestyle choices, income requirements, and existing obligations to determine when and how fast you can get your manuscript to finished product.  


Here's how it works: Get on zoom with me for a 2-hour Coaching Intensive to do a deep dive into your book project. We'll spend thirty minutes brainstorming and discussing your book through each of theses Four Stages:


Find Your “Why” and Complete your Manuscript

Define and develop your motivations and objectives to self-publish so you can set measurable goals. 

Learn how to research titles in your genre, choose book models to emulate, and learn how to develop your manuscript with the help of beta readers and professional editors.


Analyze and plan what book products you will produce

Whether you print your book in black-and-white—or whether the content requires full-color printing such as art and photography—how to achieve acceptable print quality at a price you can afford is the first critical decision for a self-publisher.

... And how to position your book into the various sales channels is 
just as important.

Do you want to produce an e-book? We’ll cover that too.



Learn how to select your printer and sign contracts with final service providers. Use the specifications for your book to run the numbers through the royalty calculators provided on POD websites or to get quotes from offset litho shops.


Book Launch & Successful Marketing

Learn how to launch your book in-person and online, then continue to work on marketing activities that will give you immediate results. Consistently add sales and marketing items from the Action Plan we create together.

Frequently Asked Questions

After filling out your pre-work assessment, you'll get on zoom with me for our 2-hour Coaching Intensive. I'll draft a Full Report of my recommendations for your book based on our work together.

The end result is a personalized Book Plan for you and your book.


  • Resource pages specific to self-publishing to help implement your plan 
  • Complete Glossary of print and publishing terms for self-publishers

  • Follow-up consult to clarify any action steps or resources included in your Book Plan



Here’s what you get when you enroll today:

1:1 COACHING INTENSIVEThe end result is a personalized Book Plan with action steps for you and your book.


  • Resource pages specific to self-publishing to help you implement your plan

  • Complete Glossary of Print and Publishing terms for Self-Publishers 

  • Follow-up consult to clarify any action steps or resources included in your Book Plan

Enroll now for:

1 Payment of $750


Your first step is to book a discovery call with me because I cannot accept every client. I only take on projects where I believe I can add value.

Once we've determined that your project is a match, my promise to you is to guide you in publishing your own nonfiction book using a personalized plan. When you follow the plan we write together inside your personal Coaching Intensive, I can confidently GUARANTEE you a high-quality book that meets the standards of professionally published books.

Here's what my clients are saying:

“Working with Lindsay is like having a best friend who knows the ins and outs of publishing at your side. Lindsay’s action steps were so helpful—full of practical,, actionable steps laid out in sequence, so you feel confident moving forward. She has distilled all the pertinent information that would take forever to research on the Internet.”

      Jeanne A. Jackson     
      Columnist, self-publisher
      Author of Mendonoma Sightings Throughout the Year 

"Lindsay is an invaluable resource to any self-publisher. Whether you are in the beginning stages first formulating a book idea, or if you are ready to begin printing and marketing your book, Lindsay is someone you want on your team. She provides valuable feedback and strategy in her individualized self-publishing plans. She is thorough, thoughtful, truly cares, and goes above and beyond for every writer she supports. I could not be more happy I hired Lindsay to guide me in my self-publishing journey!"

        Kelly Surette 
  Adaptive music teacher, performer           

        Author of Creative Miracles, 
        A Practitioner's Guide to Adaptive Music Instruction

Your Custom Book Plan is Right for You if...

You know that writing and publishing your book is your next big move, and you feel confident using the customized action steps and resources provided.

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